"Scrubby Green did an amazing job on my white tiled bathrooms. I had tried unsuccessfully several cleaning products; nothing seems to work. the grout lines would never clean. Scrubby Green provided me information on the quality and safety his products and explained how his process worked. He finished in no time, packed up and I was extremely pleased with the results. The grout and tiles in both bathroom look totally renewed. I am glad I used Scrubby Green."


Steven B. -- Hanover











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Are you embarrassed by your tile floors or walls? Has your original bright grout lines discolored?

Even with regular maintenance, dirt, oils, and organic particles accumulate on tiled surfaces, leaving tarnish and taints which are nearly impossible to remove by conventional cleaning methods.

Scrubby Green can clean and restore your tile surfaces, making them look like new! We are experts in tile and grout cleaning.

Here is our hard surface cleaning process:

First: Prep the floor with a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the ingrained dirts. Traditional methods will not lift and remove the soils; mopping just spreads it around; allowing it over time to build and harden.

Second: Our patented floor tool applies heated water under a pre-selected pressure which precludes any floor damage. As the pressure hot water mixes with the pre-sprayed solutions, it is immediately extracted through a vacuum system, which leaves the surface near completely dry. 

Why waste time and effort “trying” to clean your hard surfaces the old fashion way? Scrubby Green offers a fast, effective, and affordable solution which works on all hard surfaces: natural stones; brick; concrete – vertical or horizontal.



Conventional carpet cleaning systems often appear to be a good deal, but are rarely a Good Value.

Traditional wand cleaning methods require repeated back-breaking strokes, often hitting a spot 4 to 5 times. This method also involves excessive use of cleaning chemistries which will leave residues which will re-attract to new soils like a magnet. Wand cleaning also leave excess water which extends drying time. And most companies are in such a hurry to get to the next job, that they don’t spend enough time to do a thorough cleaning. At Scrubby Green, we will get your carpets cleaner, dryer and less soil-attracted than conventional cleaning systems.

At Scrubby Green, we won’t simply clean your carpets — we restore them. Our powerful cleaning process utilizes a carpet restoration tool which cleans all styles and sizes of carpet fibers. As opposed to the coverage that you will get with a conventional carpet wand, our method rotates 5 emitting heads and 5 vacuum vents at 700 rpm; guaranteeing far more hits on a spot then the usual 4 to 5 times previously mentioned.

This equipment allows deep-extraction of pet urine from the carpet and padding. We can specially treat most other stain problems as well. We treat every floor as it were our own.



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